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Hanky Panky by Beach Bunny Swimwear

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Bikini of the Week - Azura Swimwear

Ok, I’m not going to deny it. We are indeed in the midst of a black bikini frenzy here at Azura Swimwear! But with so many beautiful offerings, and each so unique, it was hard to pass them by. While we’ve seen some stunning black numbers by Sauvage Swimwear and Birdie Jo, this week is all about Beach Bunny Swimwear and a little Hanky Panky

Beach Bunny Hanky Panky bikiniBeach Buny Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky by Beach Bunny Swimwear

You have to give it to Beach Bunny and designer Angela Chittenden – not only are the swimsuits gorgeous, but they come with such creative, and fitting, names. With silver nail-head detailing, reminiscent of a biker’s jacket, highlighting the ultra sexy keyhole sides, this black bikini can’t help but evoke images of a little Hanky Panky. But in true Beach Bunny style, this bikini is all class, perfectly straddling that fine mix of sophistication and sex appeal.

I might also even be tempted to describe the bikini as a little girly. Bandeau tops always ooze femininity, and with large tie sides, the school girl look is complete. No wonder she called it Hanky Panky…

But while this designer swimsuit follows the Beach Bunny mould – bikinis that are super sexy and one of a kind – it’s definitely one that you could wear more regularly. Like anything black – your favorite black shoes or your little black dress – you can wear black bikinis on any occasion.

Hanky Panky comes fully lined, but unlike most bandeau style bikinis, the top has adjustable eyehooks ensuring a perfect fit and superior shape for the bust. On the bottom, the bikini is Brazilian cut at the back and low rise hipster shaped at the front. There are also fixed side ties which elongate the figure and create a more flattering look for the body. When it comes to swimwear, those added touches can mean a world of difference.

And while I may have already mentioned the silver nail-head detailing, it’s worth bringing it up again. These make the swimsuit. When combined with the hint of skin seen through the striking keyhole sides and the black of the fabric, the look is seriously smouldering.

Beach Bunny Hanky Panky bikini bottoms

So if you’re on the search for a beautiful black bikini, or a bikini in general, then take a look at the Hanky Panky. It’s sexy, sweet and rock ‘n’ roll at its very best!

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